Most of the memory flash is used to contain data that the former owners

By Thomas Fulton, author at information security company “ESET” Eset

A study showed that many computer users do not take adequate precautions when disposing of the flash memory of their own, leaving behind a large collection of sensitive information about them to the owners of memory new.

He said researchers from the University of Hertfordshire to purchase 200 of the flash memory cards used – 100 in the United States, and 100 in the UK – to find out how many of them still contain data from the former owners.

According toreports Comparitech which commissioned the study, found that most memory flash USB containing data from former owners, and can retrieve information without any effort easily extremely. He found in particular that there are 20 people they didn’t care to exert any effort in order to make sure to cleanse the cards of their storage. Was just connecting the flash drive in the computer enough to detect its previous contents.

Even with the deletion of data does not make them far away from the hand. With the use of data recovery software available to everyone, researchers were able to restore the contents of the 135 flash memory with little effort, even with the memory flash of that memory has been erased completely, which has been re-configured. Among them he found 44 USB flash memory contains sufficient information to identify the owner of my previous devices.

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Unsurprisingly, that data on the memory flash contains a whole series of trade documents and legal models of taxation and payment vouchers access to data is even more worrisome. These included pictures of money, weapons, and memoranda of inspection, as well as indecent images of a man in the middle of the action along with his name and contact details.

On the other hand has been cleared 34 flash memory is only safely by a custom software while encryption is only one, making the data saved on it undetectable by the owners of the memory flash of the new.

And speaking of strong encryption, is the best bet to keep your data on different self flash safe from prying eyes. This gives you the peace of mind not only if you decide to sell storage media, or abandoned, but even in the scenario unrealistic that probably have access to it.

There is another problem related to memory flash, or rather our approach towards portable media in general. Andprevious research also that we know ourselves by a large percentage of malware not introducing ourselves flash and found the streets in the computers we have.

In the past year, the University of Hertfordshire to study similar with memory cards used and came to similar results as is the case with research involving memory flash.

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