Most crypto investors do not submit a tax return

In the US, the approaching deadline for filing tax returns. Therefore kriptosistem you want to knock out gains and losses, and find out whether they need to give part of the funds. However, as shown by a recent survey on Twitter, the vast majority refuse to report income and willing to take risks to avoid stiff fines. Users, at the moment, for the filing of declarations of cryptocurrency simply no conditions.

Next Monday is the deadline when all entrepreneurs are trailing at the nearest post office to send your tax reports. A Twitter user under the nickname @CryptoWendyO conducted an interesting survey. Curiously, in the survey there is no item for those who are already law-abiding filed a Declaration.

  • 80 percent of captainvalor not going to submit the Declaration;
  • 5 percent said that “will address this issue next week”;
  • 15 percent said they are already preparing the report.

Given the protracted bear market, the majority of captainvalor in fact suffered much more damage than could earn. However, taxpayers are by law still required to report on activities over the past year. Regardless of profit or Vice versa spend. By the way, the failure to file tax returns in the U.S. and the concealment of income can lead to huge fines and, in some cases, even imprisonment.

At the end of last year, we wrote about how a student from California went from five thousand dollars to almost a million by trading kripalani. The saddest thing about his situation is that at the peak of the stock market in December 2017, his portfolio reached 880 thousand dollars, but then the volume was reduced to 125 thousand. However, the authorities want to require it with taxes on all profits, which he did not declare on time.

And in our cryptodata may I ask how to pay taxes in Russia.

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