More than half of young millionaires are interested in cryptocurrencies

The survey company Capgemini found that the majority of millionaires own cryptocurrency, or are thinking of investing in digital assets. While the majority of funds still retain a neutral stance, two thirds of citizens in the age of 40 think the crypt is a good way of saving wealth.

Millionaires want to invest in cryptocurrency

Capgemini offers consulting services and outsourcing in France. On Tuesday, the firm published the report World Wealth Report in 2018, according to NewsBTC. It shows the results of a study of the income of citizens whose assets exceed a million dollars. This figure does not include the estate or personal property.

Representatives of Capgemini interviewed 2,600 respondents from 19 of the most expensive places in the world. It turns out, the interest millionaires to cryptowall increased significantly. Almost 27 percent of the respondents declared intentions to study in detail the stock market for potential investment opportunities in the future.

Among the respondents there is a marked correlation of age – 71 percent of people under the age of 40 years interested in the crypt. However, only 13 percent of the millionaires over 60 years I believe cryptocurrency is a good investment.

However, investment funds do not hurry to invest their clients ‘ money in Bitcoin. Only 34.6% of the respondents mentioned that they received information about the crypt from their managers. Young millionaires are more susceptible to digital assets and may soon reverse this trend.

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