More than half of the proceeds of sales of smart phones go to Apple

مبيعات هواتف

مبيعات هواتف

Unveiled a new report on the proceeds of sales of smart phones during the fourth quarter of last year that Apple take the lion’s share compared to other big companies where they are responsible for alone, more than half of Overall Revenue.

According to the Data Report of company Strategy Analytics, the Apple TV has made 61.4 million from the sales of smartphones during the fourth quarter, while total sales proceeds for each of the companies 120.2 million.

Beyond them, came Samsung in second place, reaching revenues of almost $ 19 million, while Huawei was in third place by about $ 8.4 million.

Comparing the past quarter with the same quarter of the previous year, we find that all the Big Three have achieved growth in revenues and hops biggest was the share of Apple to increase its share in China, where reports indicate earlier they increased by 12%.

As usual, these numbers make sense because the average price of iPhones sold with 800 $ and my profit margin is large compared to the average price of other phones that are $ 300.

The more than half of the proceeds of sales of smart phones go to Apple TV appeared first on the tech world.

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