More than 5 phones the Middle in the first half of 2018

We seem to be on the verge of opening a new season in the world of smart phones, with the launch of the International Conference for the MWC 2018, which will conduct its activities in late the month of February next, and of course we’ll watch Samsung announce the phone its flagship Galaxy S9 and then many of the other companies of the competition, as we know, there are companies who prefer to disclosure of its smart phones in the first half of the year in a delay to another date put forward its phones to the last months of the year, and in this article we review the highlights of the 5 phones that we expect to appear in the first half of this year. [divider][/divider]

Galaxy S9

The appearance of the image leaked review the overall design for Galaxy S9 [divider][/divider]


Phone LG G7 will be markets in the middle of March with RAM 6GB Phones LG G7, Huawei P20 postponed its arrival due to the Galaxy S9 [divider][/divider]

Motorola Moto G6


Nokia 9

Nokia hint for coming to the flagship Nokia 9 screen but the edges Nokia 9 leaked specs before the officially announced with 4 camera [divider][/divider]

Oneplus 6

The design of the imagine my phone 6 OnePlus is exactly what we want.

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