More money: kryptomere income from trading commissions will double by the end of 2018

According to research analysts of Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., profit kryptomere could double. Experts predict revenue growth of large exchangers to $ 4 billion by the end of 2018. This writes Cointelegraph.

How to trade cryptocurrency

It turns out that the bearish trend of the stock market will not affect the well-being of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, in the long term, any event will go trading platforms only benefit.

With the development of digital assets increases the demand on the part of institutional investors. Traditional firms in the financial sector will find plenty of opportunities to earn extra money.

In 2017, thanks to the commissions cryptogenic earned about $ 1.8 billion. Eight percent of the profits of traditional markets over the same period. However, most of the major players in traditional markets are still afraid to put all your money on crypt. The main reason is problems with the financial regulators and the high volatility of digital assets.

The indecision of traders on wall street puts the largest crypto currency exchange the U.S. Coinbase, in a very advantageous position. If things continue on, the company will capture most of the market revenues from cryptotrading.

Earlier, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has compared the cryptocurrency market with the dot-com bubble of 2001. He also noted that in 2017 every day on its platform has recorded approximately 50,000 users. It helped Coinbase to achieve the $ 150 billion trade volume in 2017.


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