More fraud e-complex … may be a victim of one

With the continued internet expansion in every aspect of society, the online fraud is experiencing the same tension with the diversity of his methods as phishing sellers of tickets phonies, which include you all in it is looking for prey from users who are unaware of the basics of e-security.

To help you avoid the fate of many users who are unaware of the methods scammers on the internet, they fell victim to them, we offer you some of the most online fraud development and common:

Design has serious consequences for the victims.

The longer design of one of the most fraud e-common on the internet, has led to disastrous results and serious consequences for its victims, such as that caused in the loss of Hillary Clinton, the American presidential race in front of Donald Trump in the 2016 election, following a breakthrough campaign.

Is known about the perception and deception e-he aims to deceive victims regret handing over your passwords to a crook without purpose, this is often done through emails with the appearance of the Reserve, which allegedly from trustworthy firms. The ultimate goal in obtaining personal information, such as credit card and Social Security numbers.

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According to working group Anti-Phishing, being the monthly reporting for approximately 100,000 try to hunt in all around the world. More recently, the sequence design allows varying degrees of sophistication using the basic technique, namely, to impersonate the characters. So don’t believe any message from any one of the claim that someone you know or someone famous.

Scam emails from the Nigerian prince is among the oldest on the internet

With the beginning of the internet era in the nineties of the last century and the emergence of e-mail services committed the fraud, and spam that reaches who alleged Prince of Nigeria who all were centered around the Prince of Nigeria wealthy (or investors, or a government official) presents to you in his letter, the opportunity for financial gain profitable.

But the trick was in seduce you into paying a small portion of the advance amount, or the delivery of bank account information and information of other costs so you can make the conversion. Of course, you’ll lose the “base money”, and never received a dime in return. Since then, these are still tricks, until they evolved and managed to gather millions of money fraud.

Celebration concert tickets, sporting events, and counterfeit

Of the common methods of fraud and other online is in reserve on the ticket, where consumers are deceived to buy tickets to fake for sporting events, concerts, and other events. Usually aimed at the crooks of the outstanding events that are likely to witness a huge demand for tickets so they can take advantage of the increased demand. Often, a ticket which they send to the customers on the bar codes of the fakes or duplicate copies of the ticket company. At other times, will not get consumers any ticket at all after payment.

Fool some people by impersonating celebrities

Turn some of the scammers to impersonate a celebrity, and then communicate with teachers in order to service. In the month of January last, had the star of YouTube, Philip Frank, to warn the participants numbering 6 million people of a scam like this. Said Frank in a video posted on his channel: “if you receive a message from me or from any Maker other content on YouTube look like something like this, it is very likely that someone tries to deceive you”.

Method opposite to try to fool the celebrities themselves

Earlier this year, the use of a prankster Wendy Murdoch, who claimed that he is a businessman and investor, e-mail addresses and other technologies, where he was tricked-star social media to buy their own flights to Indonesia and pay the fee permits counterfeit as part of the combustion process. Among the victims are influential people and they travel, who they lost thousands of dollars in the process.

Software malicious ransomware has managed in the year 2018 of the abduction of an entire city

Includes some of the online fraud is the most insidious attempt to wring a ransom from the victims. In a ransomware attack, proves hackers and malware on your computer or system of computers on the way to restrict the victim’s access to its files. And then asked to pay for editing files, often in the form of currency bitcoin.

The city of Atlanta in 2018 to attack the ransom, and having failed to pay the ransom ended up costs the city more than $ 2.6 million to recover from the attack.

Fisheries ransomware attacks the illusion can be of the same measure

Use fraud by the attacks of the Vedas, at their worst, a sense of victims ‘ safety and Privacy. In one of the forms of horrifying, allegedly the attackers via e-mail they hacked web camera while the goal was to watch the explicit content. And then begins the extortion, threatens the crooks to pay the ransom, otherwise “we’ll send the footage to all your contacts”. But in reality it’s just a mere threat, it is not in possession of any footage of the victim.

And finally …

Mention some of the other scams that began to spread in recent times, including the exploitation of the generosity of the mission and invite them to be supported through platform support for imaginary things, investing in counterfeits in the area of digital currencies, in addition to the manipulation of the news, which increase the chances of users fall victim to fraudsters.

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