More details about Galaxy S10 and S10+

Samsung has officially set a date for the presentation of the flagship Galaxy S — 20 Feb. The line will be presented 4 smartphone: Galaxy Plus S10, S10 Galaxy, Galaxy and Galaxy S10 S10E 5G. In addition, the company can show the Galaxy F smartphone with a flexible display and updated watch Galaxy Watch Sport. About smartphones of the new generation flagship of the line known to many, but they continue to interest consumers, so we are ready to share the next portion of data.

Line Galaxy S will get a fast memory LPDDR5

In may last year, Samsung introduced the memory of this type, and after six months, the Network started talking about support for the company’s flagship LPDDR5. This is important, because nobody in the market did not represent solutions with such a fast memory. LPDDR5 one and a half times faster LPDDR4 memory, but what gives the increase in speed of RAM? First, shooting and processing 4K videos is significantly faster, secondly, functions with the use of artificial intelligence will run faster, and thirdly, it will affect the speed of the system as a whole: games will run smoother and apps respond faster to depression.

In addition, LPDDR5 will improve the autonomy of the S10, as claimed to reduce energy consumption by 30%. In addition, with the advent of 5G, the transition to a more fast memory becomes a burning issue. It is expected that the company will use the fast memory chips only in the flagship models, while the S10E will leave the old memory LPDDR4.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ will be thin and Autonomous

Another news with regards to new flagships received from colleagues Ice Univerce. He has published in a Twitter post, according to which the thickness of the body S10+ will be an attractive 7.8 mm, and its battery will get a capacity of 4000 mAh. Galaxy S10 and S10E will also appear before the public with fine buildings (7.85 and 7.94 mm).

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