More consumers are waiting longer before upgrading their smartphones


Kept the prices of flagship smartphones on the rise over the last few years. It may cost you to get on the phone, sophisticated New now 1000 $ easily, if I chose to get a smart phone foldable magnificent boat, her to spend more than 2000 USD. Thus, it is no wonder that we find more people decide to keep their smartphones for longer than ever before.

The company American Communications Verizon that the rate of accumulation to its customers dropped to a record low in the previous quarter. Given that the phones receive minor upgrades through every year, most consumers don’t feel the need to upgrade in general. May are also waiting until they become a 5G ready completely free of problems to upgrade to the new phone supports this new technology.

Expect the CFO of Verizon, Mr. Matt Ellis is to use frequency rates in potential downside through the rest of this year. Started this way a few years ago when smart phones become high-end the cost of higher prices. Given that the hardware has become more expensive, they began to purchase data only plans.

However, companies such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei and other companies release phones new upscale through each year because it refuses to cede market shares to its competitors. The question is whether there is a sufficient number of customers to make it worth all that effort..


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