More articles read with the Oneida Community voila through 2018

By the year 2018, we wrote in TIC Foy many of the articles that provided great benefit to your followers in many areas, be competent with smart phones and its advantages, reviews in addition to articles relating to the various presentations and cuts and strings free apps.

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In this article we will review with you the more articles read with the Oneida Community voila through 2018, which is about to end.

  1. Best 5 apps to watch movies and series online

This is the most read at all, where the followers a set of applications that allows them to watch movies and serials and programs on the internet through their smart phones and computers.

2. Best 5 apps to watch anime translator online

The second article in the list is also a group of the best application that allows followers to watch the movies of the anime translated on the internet through their smart phones and computers.

3. Everything you wanted to know about the “story” of the new into

Feature story, or the story first launched on the app Snapchat, but the company Facebook beta feature in all applications of the Don’t like Instagram where they WhatsApp in addition to application Facebook Mother, this article deals with the most important features in the feature story into although it is launched in 2016, but it’s popular even now.

4. It’s time for the with apps to change voice during calls ?

This article reviews the range of applications that allows users to change the sounds during phone calls, and apps offer a nice feature, especially for anyone who loves pranks.

5. How to open your account in Snapchat if dismissed?

This article explains a solution to a big problem in the application of Snapchat, where users continuously the problem of the closure of the accounts for several reasons.

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