More and more people unhappy with Tim cook

Over the past year, Apple CEO Tim cook lost 43 positions in the ranking of the loyalty of subordinates, dropping to 96th place. This conclusion was made by analysts of service for job search Glassdoor is based on anonymous feedback from employees of the company. This is the second significant decline of the popularity of cook and his policies.

Work in Apple

The discontent of the employees of Apple Inc. my boss comes from several factors. First of all subordinates, Tim cook don’t like reaching to the absurd atmosphere of secrecy, which complicates the work of absolutely anyone, regardless of position. Not always such strictness in keeping the secrets of the company has at least some Foundation.

The second aspect of dissatisfaction of employees Tim cook is the highest voltage in the performance of their duties. According to the respondents themselves, in order to improve, you need to literally move mountains, while the rest time is strictly limited. This in turn results in the inability to balance between work and personal life.

And finally, the third factor is the stretching of the vertical of power. It is impossible to apply to the head, without passing through several of his deputies and assistants, even if you just need to ask for time off, complain the staff. This is necessary so that small issues were resolved in the field, but they forwarded “upstairs” for approval of their superiors.

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