Monitoring the Dark Mode on a test copy of the new Watson August in Android

رصد الوضع المُظلم على نسخة اختبار جديدة لواتس آب في أندرويد

The situation became dark a key feature advocated by many of the users, and these days met this situation a lot of major applications, and the Android version 10 the “Q” waiting to be a dark mode is available at the system level as a whole and as the default option in the settings, on the other hand the monitoring of this feature of WhatsApp several times in the past, but in the end I stopped for reasons related to the test.

Today, it is a copy of the test “beta” new version number WhatsApp 2.19.82, has been monitoring the situation the dark again, Where give us these women look down on Dark Mode, which also refers to the proximity of its release to everyone, it is also observed in this trial version, that the dark mode is applied in the settings only, and specifically in the Settings, Notifications Settings, Data Storage Settings, chat and even account settings.

Recall also, it is a testing version earlier download version number 2.19.80, has been monitoring the two new features, the first feature of the classification of the messages you send as a “routed frequently”, and the second is to see the number of times of re-orientation accurately through the transition to the section of “information messages”.

Finally, as we pointed out earlier that the dark mode is now available in beta version, as we are used with these versions, there is no specific timetable for the launch advantages of all the users, so the days would know the arrival of the dark mode for users of WhatsApp.

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