Monitoring processor Snapdragon 680 in tests, the fabric may have six-Cores of SD710

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Initial indications indicate that the Processor Snapdragon 710 is very popular, have manufacturers of smart phones, but it seems to have Qualcomm processors, the other is currently under development. In fact, today I have been monitoring the Processor Snapdragon 680 in the platform performance tests Geekbench, which is a wizard that will most likely many of the smart phones available.

Processor Snapdragon 680, which was spotted today features six cores in total, which probably includes two nuclei of the same class and four cores from the category of other, just as happened with the healers Snapdragon 650 and the Snapdragon 808. Keep in mind that the name may not be final. For example, the Processor Snapdragon 710 originally known as Snapdragon 670.

This means that this processor may have a copy hanging out of the Processor Snapdragon 710. The speed of the nuclear large amount to 2.15 Ghz, which corresponds to the speed of the cores Kryo 260 used in the treatment of Snapdragon 660, the one Kryo 4xx used in the treatment of Snapdragon 710.

However, it has achieved this new processor 1900 points in the test of nuclear per are the result of higher than those achieved by the Processor Snapdragon 660 current of 1600 points, which indicates that the Processor Snapdragon 680 featuring the fourth generation of the nuclei of Kryo. However, when it comes to performance in a test of multiple cores, it has been slightly lower compared to the Snapdragon 660 thanks to having the latter not two more, but will likely not affect performance in real life.

In general it seems this serves as another proof of the interest of Qualcomm great to provide more options when it comes to the processors of smart phones available. By the way, has been a test of the performance of the Processor Snapdragon 680 using the device reference belonging to Qualcomm boasts 6GB of RAM. Did not test any phone with this processor yet, but it should be noted that he was initially monitoring the Processor Snapdragon 660 in early 2017 and the detection of the first phones that use this processor after a few months.


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