Monitoring of the new evidence reveals about the potential capacity for battery phone Galaxy S11

Galaxy S10+

Use Samsung already to reveal the series phones Galaxy S11 Series in the month of February next year as usual always. And even then, it was today monitoring the position of SafetyKorea just issue a certificate for battery download code name EB-BG980ABY, a battery that will be dedicated to the phone Samsung SM-G980. The phone was Galaxy S10e carries the code name SM-G970, so it is logical to believe that this battery that has been monitored today belong to the Galaxy S11e who is likely to carry the code name SM-G980.

There is also a picture of the battery, in spite of the poor quality of the image, we can see that they have strongly 14.36 Wh. Given that the battery running at 3.85 V, it leads us to believe that this battery has a capacity of 3730mAh.

If this is the rated capacity of the battery, it is likely that the capacity of the basic battery about 3800mAh, a figure reported by the company in its marketing. Given that the Galaxy S10e features a battery with capacity of 3100mAh, it will be the new battery is better by 20 percent. Given that it is square-shaped, it means that it is not just a larger version of battery Galaxy S10e, but a new version altogether.

I suggested some rumors that the reason behind the lifting of the battery capacity is the advent of phone Galaxy S11e screen with the rate update reaches 90Hz, and with a modem compatible with 5G networks, which means more consumption of energy. We’ve already heard that all members of the series phones Galaxy S11 Series will support the 5G technology, unlike the series phones Galaxy S10 Series which includes only one member that supports 5G networks.

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