Monitoring a hardware problem MacBook Pro lead to give the screen gradually

The company is facing Apple now is a new problem in the devices MacBook Pro, after the report of iFixit, which threw light on the cell that appears in the backlight of the hardware, so this causes the back to give the screen gradually after the appearance of the lighting in the bottom of the screen.

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Report iFixit noted that the reason that leads to the lack of backlight in the organs of the MacBook back to the user to call the MacBook with the screen, which supports improvement in the color of the interior of the main body of the computer.

The company started Apple in versions of the 2016 devices MacBook Pro using two of the cable ribbon Flex, which communicates tightly in the devices leading to difficult to pull the cable from the device and may also lead to the emergence of the problems gradually in the hardware.

It is expected that the damaged cable to the onset of the backlight in the lower part of the organs of the MacBook Pro when the lid is opened fully, as this problem develops gradually, lead in the end to stop the screen from fully working.

I went apple in recent versions of the devices MacBook Pros to focus on the development of the keyboard in the devices, where the company launched the Apple new design for the keyboard in the devices presented last year, where twice devices MacBook Pro has many problems with the previous design of the keyboard.

However, the backlight problem in the screen of the MacBook Pros didn’t spread amongst a lot of users yet, but in the meantime I can’t stress on how widespread this problem although there are a lot of video clips on the website of the Flexgate.

Also confirmed the report of iFixit that the problem appear gradually, after a lot of time on the use of devices, you may need the device to the reform process after the exit of the device from the specified warranty period and also expected to lead this problem to the need to replace the screen in the end.

It is worth mentioning that iFixit pointed out in the report that the problem affects devices MacBook Pro which was launched since the year 2016 or later versions of Apple, so this problem will not include users of older versions of devices MacBook Pro.


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