Monitored study most users of Samsung phones to phones Pixel and OnePlus

According to a study, most users of the phones Pixel and OnePlus are essentially users of the former to Samsung they decided to switch to these phones. Has the ability research, Counterpoint Research that about 51% of users of phone Pixel 3 was Users previous for Galaxy, and about 37% of users of the OnePlus 6T were also the users previous case of Samsung, this was during the fourth quarter of 2018.

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At the same time, the proportion of iPhone users who decided to download Phone Pixel 3 is about 18%, about 16% for 6T.

And apparently, the majority of users of the Galaxy who decided to move to Pixel 3 (about 31 percent) were owners of Galaxy S7, which is old almost two years. As revealed research Counterpoint also that 14 percent of the shared Pixel 3 they had Motorola phones, while about 15 percent of buyers of OnePlus were using the LG devices.

Thought it’s not amazing at all given that these two phones have the functions of advanced and modern systems for affordable prices.


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