Monitor the noise cancellation feature headphones AirPods in the demo version last iOS 13

It seems that Apple is on its way to bring noise cancellation technology for the next version of the headset AirPods wireless, where I spotted this feature in the demo version last iOS update 13.

Detect the position of 9to5Mac about the noise cancellation feature in a prerelease version of iOS 13.2, as monitoring the image of the miniature model of the headset AirPods next.

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Do not reveal the thumbnail of the design or the specifications of the next version of the headset AirPods, but projections indicate that the design of the Sky NEXT will installation inside the ear more efficiently, as different design of the end of the sky from the current version.

It is expected that Apple to some changes in the design of the next version of the headset AirPods wireless to support the insulation and reduce the level of ambient noise.

And I’ve made a lot of versions of competition in the markets of the headphones that come with noise cancellation, where the company introduced the Sony headset 1000XM3 that come with the NC built, and comes headphone Amazon the next Echo Buds With Noise Reduction technology Bose.

Also refer to that the demo version last iOS 13.2 reveals a pattern of “focus mode” which supports the stop or playback, which is the expected pattern for noise cancellation.


I know of

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