Monitor the Galaxy Note 9 in the position of the FCC! which alludes to unlock early than usual

Galaxy Note 8

Let the rumors that the company Samsung plans to release Galaxy Note 9 earlier than usual this year. Already, we’ve heard that this phone will be released in early August, and that’s what makes it a little closer to the date of the version of the phone Galaxy Note 8 last year. Now, it turns out that those rumors might be carrying with it some truth because, according to a new report released today from the site Droid-Life, it seems that he has been monitoring the phone Galaxy Note gets 9 on the interests of the FCC! FCC.

The phone didn’t actually appear on the website of the FCC! under the name ” Galaxy Note 9 “. Instead, the back of this phone under the code name ” A3LSMN960F “. According to previous leaks, names, icons for earlier versions of phones Galaxy Note, It has been concluded that the phone that was spotted in the location of the FCC! is probably the Galaxy Note 9.

What’s the point? Given that the devices need to approval and the approval by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) if they seek to reach consumers in the United States of America, its availability at the site of the FCC! FCC means that the Launch Date of this phone could be soon. The fact that it was spotted a month before the date on which the monitoring of the phone Galaxy Note 8 on the site of the FCC! in the past year confirms the validity of the allegations that will be launched early this year.

Could it be Samsung had wanted to just get the sources of the FCC! FCC in early to avoid any unexpected delays, so don’t feel a lot of protection now. In both cases we have to wait a few months before to make sure everything is official.



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