Monitor Samsung Galaxy A90 on the platform Geekbench test with a Snapdragon 675!

Samsung recently to enrich the series Galaxy A with a range of options with specifications and prices of different that fit all categories, these latest additions will be the Galaxy A90.

رصد سامسونج جالكسي A90 على منصة Geekbench الإختبارية مع سنابدراجون 675

Monitor Samsung Galaxy A90 on the platform Geekbench test with a Snapdragon 675

The Korean company even now issuing the Galaxy A10 and A20 and A30 and A40 and A50 , and A60 and A70 and A80, where the Galaxy A10 is the cheapest and least in the specifications, and theGalaxy A80 is the most powerful phone of the series A even now Camera with swivel and Snapdragon 730, but it is believed that the Galaxy A90 will be the best specification of the phone A80.

Monitor Galaxy A90 on the platform Geekbench test:

Don’t offer leaks enough around the Galaxy A90, but the phone was monitored already on the platform Geekbench test pregnant the model number SM-A9050.

The phone log in the choice of single-core 2550 points scored 6768 points in the selection of multi-core, with the Snapdragon processor 675, memory Random Access 6 GB RAM.

The funny thing really is choosing a phone with the Snapdragon 675 while the Galaxy A80 which is supposed to be A90 top of him, comes with Snapdragon 730!

On the other side suggest the rumors surrounding the phone until now about the possibility of him coming with selfie camera popup, and it will be the successor Galaxy A9 2018 and therefore may comes Galaxy A90 with settings camera quad core like the A9 (2018).

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