Monitor phone Pocophone F1 in performance tests it is running Android 9 Pie

Xiaomi Pocophone F1; Poco F1

Phone Pocophone F1 impressed everyone in all over the world when announced by Xiaomi company in India, the reason for this is simple: it combines the power of specs and the price is exceptional.

As expected, the company Xiaomi is not convinced the launch of this phone in the market in order to reap more sales and neglect in terms of support, the Chinese began to actually work on the updated Android 9 Pie for this phone because it was monitoring Pocophone F1 recently in the platform performance tests Geekbench it works for latest Android from Google.

The results of a telephone Pocophone F1 with Android 9 Pie in each of the test cores one-cores multi were low by 17 percent compared with the phone Pocophone F1 current provider Android Oreo. However, it seems that the process of development of updated Android 9 Pie phone Pocophone F1 is still in the early stages it is unlikely that the company Xiaomi released it to the public so be ready 100%.

Generally, due to to update Android 9 Pie phone Pocophone F1 has become under development and actually, we believe that this phone will get update Android 9 Pie official before the end of this year.



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