Monitor phone company vivo with the edges of the almost non-existent !

After its dual camera feature, you think of big screen, no dialogue, almost are more phones that we’ll see during the coming period, the company vivo will be one of the companies represented in this field, in particular with a revolutionary technique preceded the other, and the details in today’s article !

رصد هاتف من شركة vivo مع حواف شبه منعدمة !

Monitor phone company vivo with the edges of the almost non-existent !

Last year we saw many of the phones that came with the screen ratio of the dimensions of the 18:9 which no dialogue and almost competed the companies at this point, this year we stopped to see the phones screen with the edges more the attention, you will phone its interface is a screen only.

The previous image was monitored as a phone company vivo, the latter of which intend to launch a new revolutionary handset carries this screen, which makes it one of the first phones that the screen will cover what rate of greater than 95% of the front end compared to other phones from the competition, the company will exploit the advantage of the insight that will push it in tea, which had already revealed in her phone Vivo X20 Plus UD.

This, leaks indicate that the phone shown in the picture phone will be vivo Xplay7, which is expected to be also the first phone that carries the RAM capacity of 10 GB, which makes the company the vivo one of the companies early trendsetter in the field of smartphone technology and offer the latest techniques.

We don’t know the deadline to detect the phone, but may be at the end of the current month within the exhibition MWC, which will be considerable media coverage, is expected to be a step the company vivo driving the rest of the companies in order to offer the best when in its phones.

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