Money HYIP: how to earn on blockchain developers?

The rapidly growing sector of the blockchain technology has triggered a high demand for inquiring minds. This has led to what is now the blockchain-engineers – one of the most highly paid professionals in the tech sector. The average monthly salary blockchain engineers in the United States ranges from 12.5 to 14.5 thousand dollars. These salaries are only slightly less than the AI.

Wave bloschanevych companies

The surge in wages was directly proportional to the increase in the number of vacancies for the post blockchain engineer. Recruitment Agency Hired from San Francisco in his report notes 400% rise in the number associated with bloccano vacancies – and this is only from last year. CEO Hired Mehul Patel says that software engineers are in very short supply, so wages are rising. At the moment, these activities are considered to be the highest paid in the tech sector. According to CNBC, US normal developers earn an average of about 11 thousand dollars a month.

The main directions for the blockchain geniuses

On CCN write that the most popular programming languages in the blockchain projects are expected to be Go, Python, JavaScript and Java. C++ is the primary language of the client Bitcoin Bitcoin Core, it is considered fundamental. Also popular language of Solidity, which has developed a team of project Ethereum. He used to write smart contracts.

According to the exchange, vacancies Glassdoor, the largest employers are startups Circle, Kraken, Figure, Coinbase and ConsenSys, as well as more conservative companies like Oracle, IBM, KPMG and Accenture. The exchange of freelancing Upwork also notes a surge of projects related to Baccano. More data look at cryptodata.

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