Money here: venture capital investments in the blockchain for 2018 increased by 316 percent

European venture capital firm Outlier Ventures has prepared a new report called Q3 State of Blockchains. It refers to the activity of venture investors at all stages of financing. For example, for the third quarter of 2018 accounted for 119 transactions. High quality projects with a well-developed product continue to attract financing, despite the decline in interest from retail customers to this area. It can be regarded as an indicator of the gradual maturation of the blockchain industry.

According to the study, for 2018 in the field came to 2.85 billion dollars of venture capital. This is the highest figure for all time, and he is 316% more in comparison with 2017 year. The industry has attracted 900 million. The founder of Outlier Ventures Aron van Summers commented.

We have observed the sources of financing of tokens at an early stage shifted from tech-savvy retail investors towards venture capitalists, hedge funds and institutional investors. Because of this, a growing number of companies and servicesthat will ultimately allow you to enter the market to large institutional investors.

Speculators leave the stock market

The study also captures the decline in funding of the ICO projects 74 per cent compared to the first quarter of this year. In the third quarter, new projects have collected a billion dollars, and in September, the industry has attracted only 150 million.

Another partner Eden Dhaliwal said that from the investment point of view, in the current quarter, there has been a significant rejection of the utilitarian tokens. Many investors frustrating the situation with the regulation and valuation licenzirovanie networks. This is a step back to equity financing blockchain projects. Most likely, changes will be possible only when cryptologist will achieve progress in the recognition of tokens as a new asset class with viable business models.

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