Moment has introduced a new 58mm telephoto lens for smartphones

The Moment company released a new teleobjektiv, which is able to spice up your mobile photography.

58mm telephoto lens from Moment is suitable for most current models of iPhone, smartphone Pixel all generations and Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 Note 8/9.

New telephoto lens allows you to get more clear and bright photo of the two (equivalent to 58 mm; available on smartphones with one camera) and chetyrehkantnomu zoom (equivalent to 120 mm; available on smartphones with two cameras) in the camera Moment. The lens only weighs 73.1 grams, so it is not much heavier your smartpen. It is mounted in a special case which is available in different colors on the website Moment.

Cost Moment 58mm Lens is $99.99, but now telephoto can be purchased for $79.99. With lens you can buy and case-fixing, the cost of which varies from $29.99 to $99.99.

Sources: The Verge, Moment

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