Mohamed Salah come back and participate in the initiative of Egypt and Russia

Source: gate Arab news technical

محمد صلاح يعود ويشارك في مبارة مصر وروسيا بعد قليل

Maybe you could of posted this news in the site news technical, but we are athletes and we encourage all the creativity bandwagon, and believe that Mohamed Salah is worth it and not.

The Egyptian superstar Mohamed Salah absent out of injury since late May last, back to football stadiums in the match of the Pharaohs against Russia on Tuesday in St. Petersburg in the second round of the group stage of the decisive 2018, according to the composition of the official published by the Union Bank. According to Sky News Arabia.

He held Argentine coach Hector Cooper change alone on the squad that fought directly Uruguay, buried goodness instead of AMR rose.

The Egyptian superstar has sprained joint in his left shoulder in the Champions League final between his team, Liverpool, Real Madrid and the Spanish.

Bring Salah on the bench in the first game set Egypt World Cup, which lost to clean in front of Uruguay, did not participate.

Link to the project source: Mohamed Salah returns involved in direct, Egypt and Russia

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