Module InSignt turned the solar panels and sent a new photo of the Martian surface

Official page of the InSight mission to the NASA website reports that yesterday, stranded on the Red planet a new research module has transmitted a message to Earth about the successful opening of its solar panels and began collecting energy. The signal from the module to the Ground relayed orbiting spacecraft NASA’s Mars Odyssey. In addition, the Orbiter took a few photos of the landing module, however, on the Agency’s website, these pictures yet.

But there is the first full picture of the surface of Mars, which was obtained using a camera mounted on Board the InSight.

Photo of the Martian surface obtained by the camera of the lander InSight, 26 November 2018 shortly after landing on the Red planet

“The InSight team can now relax a bit. We got the message about the successful opening of solar panels of the module and start charging its batteries. It was a very long day for all of us. But tomorrow we will start a new Chapter in the history InSight. Let’s start first surface operations and start preparing the deployment of scientific equipment”, — said the curator of the project InSight Tom Hoffman of the jet propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for NASA.

The diameter of each of the two solar panels InSight is 2.2 meters. When disclosing the size of the device becomes similar to a large car. Mars receives less sunlight than Earth because it is much further. However, the lander will miss it. Its panel is able to generate 600-700 watts of power per day, which would be sufficient to power the drill, and many other scientific instruments installed on Board. Even in the case of coating the solar panels with dust (in Martian conditions, a frequent occurrence), they can still secure the apparatus at least 200-300 watts of power.

The device uses the same solar panels that were used at the other lander NASA – Phoenix. But since the InSight is larger, the engineers have equipped it with a larger and structurally reinforced panels. According to calculations of the mission team, due to such changes, InSight will be able to work on the surface of the red planet full Martian year (two earth).

In the coming days the module will be sent to deploy its robotic arm. On the hand camera, with which scientists will be able to decide where exactly it is necessary to deploy scientific instruments. Using the same hand robot installs onto the surface of Mars, scientific equipment, held by him on the back. In General, this process can take two to three months. During this time InSight, of course, will not stand idly by. On Board is installed weather sensors and a magnetometer, with which he will be able to collect data about the environment of the Martian highlands Elysium.

The cost of the InSight mission sent to the red planet on may 5 this year, is $ 850 million. Objectives: to study the internal structure of Mars with a seismometer, teploisoliacia and other tools. The collected data will allow to find out how the planet was formed. In addition, the new information will allow us to better understand the evolutionary history of our Earth and other planets sampletable.

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