Modular phone Huawei P30 Pro fail in choosing the SafetyNet

Assured Huawei that some units of the Huawei P30 Pro fail now in SafetyNet, a service of Google which includes whether the devices are running software original and certified or not, means failure in SafetyNet mainly that your device can’t use Google services such as Google Pay, in addition to other apps like Netflix, so it is very bad I agree site Android Authority with Huawei to see what’s going on, according to Huawei, this problem only applies to units of Huawei P30 Pro that work on the program EMUI 10 beta.

Huawei explains the problem Huawei P30 Pro

وحدات هاتف Huawei P30 Pro تفشل في إختبار SafetyNetModular phone Huawei P30 Pro fail in the testing SafetyNet

Police also claim that the problem does not affect virtually all of the beta testers, it seems that the problem in the Learn with Google, commenting on these problems confirmed for Huawei that it is “usually in order to test the demo, Google allows issuing operating system demo for sellers in certain models and to act as a / supported device even if the release Group / device that is still in the process of testing to be certified”, after making some investigations, We found that our experimental EMUI 10 Global, which was released on the P30 and P30 pro in early August does not appear and behaves as a fool anymore where it should be.

Been adopted EMUI10 on P30 / P30 pro recently will be available the certified copy of the users public officials in the future, in the meantime, we communicate with Google to determine the cause of this problem for users of the demo version of the current and try to solve it as soon as possible, it seems that the Watch Huawei continues to accumulate on top of each other, although it’s good at least that the company officially recognize the problem, between this and Disaster series LZplay Mate of 30 years, this was one of the most years interesting for the company.

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