Mode Night Sight is available in all Pixel and it can be used not only for night shots

The network has already appeared information that “Night mode” can be activated on other devices, through simple manipulations and install apk. But now a new feature was officially available on all generations Google Pixel and it will be useful not only in low light conditions.

Let me remind you that during the presentation of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL new night mode Night Sight allows you to make high-quality, detailed and vibrant photos without the use of additional lighting or flash.

Something like we saw in Huawei P20 Pro, which, due to the algorithms could be removed, for example, a really good photo of the night city.

In the Pixel everything works in a similar way: artificial intelligence helps the smartphone camera to get the most, eliminating the lack of detail by the analysis of the objects in the photo. And I can say that it really works. After a couple of shots to our 2 Pixel XL in a dark room, normal mode gave me a black rectangle. But the Night Sight with the same conditions allowed to obtain, albeit a bit noisy but quite bright photograph anything you can see.

If the light becomes larger, the output of this mode is not so obvious. You have to look closely at the details to notice the difference, but it is.

By the way, the new regime will be useful not only in the evening or indoors. Some users have noticed that the activation of the Night Sight allows you to improve as a day of photos and images using digital zoom. Yes, will have to wait until the phone will analyze the scene, but in the end we get a little more detail and less noise, even under extreme digital magnification.

It is worth noting that, unfortunately, the users of the first generation Pixel expect slightly worse results. Their phones lack optical stabilization, which was the reason for using a shorter exposure and eventually more dark photos in Night Sight mode.

Find night photography is possible in the updated camera application by pressing the tab “More” and the phone will offer you to activate it with a lack of lighting. If you have a Night Sight is not yet available, wait for updates, or manually set a new version of the application “Camera”.

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