Mobile Google Search has got a new design

Today, Google announced that it changed the look of your Google Search, at least on mobile devices. The search giant hopes that the new design will greatly facilitate rapid identification of the source of information when viewing search results.

The largest and most visible part of the new design is the addition of a favicon next to the particular search results. Icons are similar to those you see on the browser tabs — they are usually the logo of the site. Adding icons to Google Search aims to help users to quickly find where they go, if you click on this link.

The second change in Google Search will be updated a notification about the content of advertising. Now the word “advertising” appears inside a green frame at the bottom of the result. The new design replaced the green lettering in the frame inscription comes in bold black color at the top of a search query. Google says that so people will be easier to understand which links in the Google search results are advertising and which are not.

In the images below you can see the results in a new design. On the left shows how they look now, and on the right is how they will look in the near future:

Google claims that these new designs will appear on mobile devices over the next few days. It is also expected that soon the redesign will appear in the desktop versions of the Search.

What do you think about these, seemingly minor, changes? You would easily be able to see what sites are advertising a new design?

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