MIT has developed a “GPS” to moving in the human body robots

In recent years more and more developers of medical equipment carry out investigations in the field of creation of moving inside the human body, diagnostic implants and robots. But with all the advantages of such technologies, there is a problem: these “microscopic diagnosis” is very difficult to follow. For these purposes experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) have developed a method of tracking microbots and small implants inside the human body.

The new system is called ReMix, and it works very elegantly: the method is not based on the emission of signal implant and registration, and the reflection of low-power wireless signals. Technology a group of scientists headed by Professor Dina Kataby implanted lab animals small token that is moved around the bloodstream. With reflecting technology was able to pretty accurately track the position of an object in the body of the animal in the heart, in the course of the vessels in the liver and so on. After receiving the reflected signal, a special computer algorithm based on the “anatomical map” of the carrier calculates the exact mestopolojenie marker.

It is expected that the ReMix system can be used not only to diagnose various conditions of the blood and gastrointestinal tract, but also as a means for targeted therapy in the treatment of cancer. In addition, experts say that the ReMix can give the opportunity not only to monitor microbiota, but also to give it commands.

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