MIT and IBM developed tool artificial intelligence to create pictures of the fakes and validated

معهد MIT وIBM يطوران أداة ذكاء اصطناعي لإنشاء صور مزيفة والتحقق من صحتها

Teeming with the field design and modification on the photo a lot a lot of programs and technical tools that will facilitate tasks on a whim the art of modification or even examiners design of all kinds.

It is the door to the development of smart tools in this area, the Massachusetts Institute of technology in cooperation with IBM developed a tool for artificial intelligence as new ” GANpaint Studio”, it can create images of the false via dropping the image sensors of the external or the introduction of changes to the original images, is also available from the tool to be able to verify the authenticity of the photos also.

Are available the tool currently as a sample display limited important can try it for free and add adjustments to specific images, where you can add the tree base image or dropping clouds, etc. as desired by you and the options available on the side of the field.

In a feature of this tool to save time and effort on the designer or hobbyist due to the fact that it wasn’t obliged to prepare amendments manually, so that the tool is exposed on the ocean to bring down the council to get him out consistently with the contents of the original image.

Where the researchers found that the ways artificial intelligence is used in the tool easy to know to the content of the image, in other words, systems use neural networks in the construction of the modifications led to

In still a tool under development to get better results at the level of the creation of images and merge them, the team hopes to work access by the ability of the function to allow the amendment on the videos and add in images and information on animated content as is the case in static images.

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