Minister for cyber security, the Japanese never used a computer never

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وزير الأمن السيبراني الياباني لم يستخدم جهاز حاسب مطلقًا

I think the minister for Cyber Security Japan’s new he didn’t use a computer at all, although a lot of people may not use computers, but most of them are not responsible for the cyber security of the country, where he said Yoshitaka Sakurada Yoshitaka Sakurada during the Q & A session at the meeting of the committee of the House of Representatives that he did not need ever to use a computer during his career, he added, “I don’t use computers because since I was twenty five years old, I was in a position of authority, where staff and secretarial cope with such a task when I need”.

And the people of the legislators, the Japanese stunned when he said Yoshitaka Sakurada 68-year-old, a minister who serves as deputy head of the Office of cyber security strategy government and costly to oversee the policies relating to these matters, during his questioning in Parliament, he doesn’t need to devices.

Seemed confused when asked some technical questions basic, so back to the Sakurada when asked about cyber security and malware at Japanese nuclear power plants, and if the terminals allow the use of USB drives, which is widely regarded as a security risk.

The minister of cyber security, a member of the ruling party, and responsible also for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games 2020 in Tokyo, comments show that he has no idea about the USB port, and swipe his comments immediately, said Masato Imai Masato Imai, a lawmaker shows: “I can’t believe that a person who has never used a computer never is responsible for the actions of cyber security”.

As said Sakurada when asked to clarify the measures taken to protect nuclear power plants from cyber attacks “I don’t know the exact details,” he added that cyber security is an important issue for the government is confident of his abilities as a minister, got Yoshitaka Sakurada on a lot of media coverage depending on for his comments surprising.

Newspapers wrote a week before his comments on cyber security, he showed talent in giving responses tantalizing, and that his responses to the questions related to the review of the Olympic showed a lack of awareness of the amazing fundamental issues related to the event, where he answered hesitantly to questions regarding the amount of the cost of the event and whether the officials, the North Koreans will attend, and fully on his lieutenants to answer questions.

The gate Arab News Technical Minister of cyber security, the Japanese never used a computer whatsoever

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