Mini-neck and a scanner under the display — a new trend

Recently, the market is developing very quickly. In early 2018, the company began to use the cutout in the display, however, consumers still can not accept it.

Now it’s time to say one important thing — consumers must learn to discern the good from the bad bangs, because in the 4th quarter of this year and early next we expect a number of smartphones with compact and bangs with scanner below the display.

The trend has already started, and it is clear that what smart phones are planning to introduce Huawei and Vivo. Fully frameless devices NEX Vivo and Oppo Find X due to its price and questionable pull-out mechanism is unlikely to be popular among consumers, so bet, in my opinion, on smartphones with small cutout and a scanner below the display.

Here is not yet available 8X Honor:

This will Mate 20, it will show for October:

Mini cutout needs to OnePlus and 6T:

And this is Vivo X23, it was supposed to represent the 20 of August, but guys, apparently, did not, therefore, most likely, the device will be shown very soon:

As you can see, smartphones have similar cutouts, in which you can integrate only the front camera. Huawei over the cutout in the thin frame managed to place the speaker.

Vivo X23 get the scanner under the display, it had already received Meizu 16. The speed of the scanner on the Meizu decent, so no doubt that manufacturers will now begin to actively use it — no.

Not lucky for those who purchased a smartphone with a wide neckline in early 2018, because now after half a year on the background of the new and upcoming phones they look rather outdated.

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