Miners Ethereum Classic get for 424 coins per block instead of 4 — what network? The long-awaited answer

Today will be remembered for miners Ethereum Classic for a long time. Instead of the usual 4 coins as a reward for a block, they received 109, 214, 424 and even 844 ETC — which is about $ 3560. The generosity network not a little pleased, but it caused a lot of questions. Whom to thank for the steep increase in salary? Who lost money on the mistakes and whether they are mere coincidence? Understand the situation.

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What happened to Ethereum Classic

The story began on the night. ETC pool 2Miners received block number 7290860 as many as 109 coins. It is 27 times more than the usual reward. To pass such a giant would not work even with a strong desire.

The funny thing is that the tale is not over. Then the miners received up to 844 ETC for the unit. Such awards were not isolated and often repeated.

The abundance of profitable blocks made nervous the owners of rigs: someone even started to worry about the prospect of a rollback of the network. Other thinking about the possibility of depreciation ETC for the upcoming discharge of coins, whereas others have linked the growth of remuneration directly with the project team. Remember all the versions and find the right one.

Version 1. Aggravation of conscience

The unprecedented profitability of mining ETC happened almost a week after a successful 51 percent attack on the network of cryptocurrency. I wonder something else: on the eve of the representatives of the exchange Gate.io spoke about the return of funds stolen by the hacker.

Source: 2Биткоина

Community instantly linked the two situations, with the result that a good man was a malefactor. He either changed his mind after he did, whether it was a so-called white hacker who just wanted to indicate to the developers for breach.

Source: Gastracker

Version 2. Robin hood and the feeling of shame

But the data did not converge. Exchange told of the return of 100 thousand dollars, while a super-reward for the blocks were drawn at least a million. This problem gave birth to a new version: huge Commission the units handed out all the same hackers. It turns out that they took money from the rich exchanges, changed his mind and decided to return all miners that are indirectly affected because of hacking. That is, the thieves played the role of Robin hood.

Source: 2Биткоина

But all logic is destroyed with only one question.

Why return that which was stolen?

The answer is no. In an incredible ideological hackers, who already stepped over the line, hard to believe.

Version 3. ETC save the project

By the way, there was another guess. 100 thousand dollars could send the developers of Ethereum Classic, so as to avoid possible delisting. The motive is clear — but what about the reward for the blocks?

Source: 2Биткоина

Excessive profitability of mining is obviously make lucky miners to flee the stock market and take profits. The coin sale will definitely drop the course. And why to risk once again six days later after the attackers broke your blockchain?

Version 4, final. Generous bug

In the end, responsible for the sudden wealth of the miners was a bug. Information was confirmed by Eric Conner, the founder ethhub. According to him, someone is using a hole in protection ETC, discovered in the last month. With it marks very ‘expensive’ smart contract uses the maximum amount of gas. Miner at the same time gets a big Commission.

Why? According to the head ETCCooperative Anthony Lusardi, someone trying to launder money through exchanges.

Use only those sites which have not closed the gap and have no restrictions on the size of the commissions. As a result, the exchange is launching a pricey smart contract and making the rich miners.

The situation seems strange — and is still not patched bugs. In addition, a laundering scheme is very complex and faces a big losses. For example, it would be easier to exchange the ETC for CLO, and then withdraw funds in ETH.

Anyway, for a huge profit when the blocks of the responsible bug. And who uses it and for what purpose — is another question. I hope the answer can be located.

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