Miner Claymore’s stopped working in Ethereum. How to fix?

In the night from 20 to 21 July of the miners who used the software Claymore’s, encounter an error
Pool sent wrong data, cannot set epoch, disconnect
What is the problem and how to cure it?

DAG-file of the Ether came before the era of 200

In the article “let’s Talk for DAG” or “When my video card will no longer create Air?” we were told that this DAG file is and how it affects mining cryptocurrency algorithm Dagger Hashimoto (Ethash). In simple words, for mining Eiropadome currency each your graphics card should always be stored in a memory file size is too large. The file size is constantly growing, so the advanced algorithm of the coins and Ethereum Ethereum Classic mine it is hard on graphics cards with 2GB memory. Happy days card with 3 GB of memory either.

The Ethereum came before the era of 200, this means that the size of the DAG-file is 2.6 GB.
Okay, my graphics card is 4GB (or even 8GB), the stock is great, why have all fallen?

Claymore”s stopped working. The decision

Stopped working all the OLD version of the miner. Why? This question should ask the developer. We can only speculate that this was done to supposedly maintain regular updates among the users. However, the fact remains that the old versions do not support the era of the Ether 200 or more.

The workaround is simple: upgrade your miner.
You can take a proven working version of the bullet 2Miners (archive password: 2miners) or on the official cranite miner on the forum bitcointalk.org. Please note that the antivirus and Windows defender very often send Claymore to quarantine or delete from the system. To install the miner will have to add files to the white list.

Problem solved in chat mining-pool 2Miners.
A good hashing!

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