Min visit? LG is developing a smartphone with a 16-camera

مين يزود ؟ ال جي تطور هاتف ذكي بـ 16 كاميرا
Min visit? LG develops smart phone 16 camera

Min visit? LG develops smart phone 16 camera

Since 2011 there have been attempts to provide a smartphone with a camera double background, sought her company HTC Taiwanese phone HTC Evo 3D that was introduced in the U.S. market only, in an attempt to provide picture second dimension of 3D.

It is, however, in practice, as the current design of smart phones, Huawei’s first dual camera in cell phone me 9 in the spring of 2016, then the point with the promulgation of the faith of the 7 Plus in the autumn of the same year.

Last spring, 2018, typically the Huawei again, the implementation unit and 3 cameras wallpaper on the phone my 20, before launches of Samsung in the fall of the current is also the first phone with four cameras background .

But it seems that the race to counter the cameras on smart phones level.

According to reports published this week , it looks like two LG Korean plans to launch a phone crazy carries a 16 rear camera, there is a typographical error, and to be saved from the authenticity of this news to the occasion like the first of April .

Includes the new patent, was granted to LG by the Office of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) earlier this week, include a smart phone equipped with a camera wallpaper download 16 lens lengths and characteristics of the mixed.

Although this may seem like a very large number of lenses, but the patent describes some of the interesting things that can be achieved by using this many cameras.

Placed the lenses in a particular curvature within the order of the matrix, so that they can be of different currencies to make images from multiple perspectives.

There are many scenarios sound possible, for example, the user can choose a particular lens to capture the image. In addition, you can capture the image of multiple lenses at the same time, and you can then choose the best image from the series of captured images, but it is also possible to merge photos taken at the same time by different lenses in a moving image.

And you stuff after to any dates relating to the expulsion of a phone like this .

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