Millions of phones OnePlus 6T are upset because of the attrition of the rapid and sudden battery

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition

Still batteries on our smart phones is quite far from the point that can last for several days before needing a recharge, this is the reason that whenever there was a mistake in the battery life, it becomes troublesome to some extent. And, apparently, this is something that experienced users of the OnePlus 6T lately, at least according to social network Reddit.

According to the article, it says : ” in the past day or so, I began the battery of OnePlus 6T my suddenly spend 80% very quickly. If I had to guess, you’ll say that the age of my cards has dropped to at least half of a sudden with the knowledge that the phone was not under heavy workload or anything else. I’ve put restrictions on the things that consume battery in the background did not change anything. I updated the operating system to the latest version available for T-Mobile has not changed anything at all. “

It’s easy to reject the premise that this will be a problem in the phone if it affected only one user, but the reply to this joint since then by many other users of the phone OnePlus 6T who said they suffer from the same problem with battery life.

There is currently no information about what can be the reason of this problem, it is not clear whether the company OnePlus familiar with it. Unfortunately, it seems that resetting the phone to factory condition doesn’t solve the problem also. Overall, we hope that the company OnePlus to solve this problem in the near future.


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