Millions of computers Mac at risk due to ads fraudulent mined

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Most web content these days work using HTML5, although there are still some sites that still rely on Adobe Flash Player. This is something that seems to be the Pirates realize and benefit from them too, at least according to a recent report from the security company Confiant which confirmed that it had recently discovered at least a million computers Mac related ads harmful.

According to Confiant, the process of hacking this depends on the harmful advertisements that trick users to download Adobe Flash Player of their own, when they in fact installed the program funding supports Shlayer, leading to the exposure of computers and their software harmful. Managed advertising fraudulent this of planning a means of surveillance, the usual way to download the ads normally, but after that is pulling malicious content from a remote server through internet.

The problem is that there are quite a number of antivirus programs that don’t realize this, and therefore this allows for malware to circumvent these programs also. However, it has been noted that some large applications like Avast and AVG are working to stop these attacks, but there are dozens of other antivirus programs that don’t do it.

To avoid the possibility of injury, you should ignore any pop-up window asking you to update Flash Player. If you want to get a newer version of Adobe Flash Player, you can just head to the Adobe site to get the latest version manually. In the meantime, Google has announced it will later this year to amend Adobe Flash Player full Google Chrome browser, while the company announced the Adobe previously that it would stop development of the app by the end of 2020.


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