Middle Egypt-submarine mechanism involved in the finals of the contest ROV international

In conjunction with the participation of our products National Football Association in the finals of Prussia, arrived in the middle of Egypt-submarine mechanism to the city of Seattle, United States of America yesterday, Tuesday the 19th of June to participate in the finals of the international competition ROV ROV, which was launched since 2002, with the support and sponsorship from NASA Space Science and exploration (NASA) in partnership with the center for Marine Science advanced (MATE) and the National Foundation to support Science in America ( NSF), in collaboration with major universities and research institutions of America.

Includes the appropriate source within 5 teams of the Arab to compete through more than 80 teams from various parts of the world such as America, Russia, England, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, and the lens of the Arab states in a new step that will strengthen the competitive advantages of the cadres of the Bank and their forums and international competitions.

Consider the Arabic version of the contest of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and maritime transport in cooperation with the foundation event for innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity, the Burj Al Arab, under the auspices of ntra and telecom Egypt WE.

In a press statement, Dr. Osama Ismail, head of the Informatics center and the head of the Supreme Committee for the competition, saying: “the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and maritime transport care of organizing this competition as one of the most important contests the world that are interested in the development of technologies of the sea and is since more than 16 years”.

He engineer Ahmed behairy Executive Director of telecom Egypt and very pleased with the support a product of Egypt-submarine mechanism, saying:” We support the Egyptian youth building, we are always working to harness all the possibilities and demanded the company to support the cadres and interest and enhance their presence in global forums, emphasizing the principles and values of the company provide support excellence to the heroes of Egypt in the laboratory areas, while cradled in the middle of Egypt’s football in flight arrival for the World Cup, Russia also pay special attention to the Egyptian network building and innovative in all fields, especially science and technology which will contribute significantly in advancing development and the economy in Egypt.”

For his part, pointed out Mohamed aboud, the general supervisor of the contest and President of the foundation happened, that this contest is one of the most important scientific competitions, which are organized in the world in the field of marine robots, said:” This is a direct impact on many of the strategic industries such as oil and gas and maritime services, is expected to help significantly in opening new markets for Egyptian youth and the transfer of expertise and modern technology and which will contribute to the development of local industry and scientific research in these areas of the modern”.

It should be noted that the finals of the competition last year was held in the city of Long Beach, California, and the team won the Egyptian “vortex ” from the University of Alexandria in second place globally superior to more than 45 teams from America, England, Canada, China, India and other countries of the world.

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