Microsoft’s service “Teams” get the camera feature of the smart and the participation of the community

خدمة مايكروسوفت "Teams" تحصل على ميزة الكاميرا الذكية ومشاركة الموقع

Try not to compete with Slack as a service to the collaboration Group, Microsoft added a range of new features for its service Teams, which includes these advantages are provided location sharing feature and smart camera, and the ability to record and Share voice messages, and in this regard, Microsoft says that the advantages of these new targeted employees for teamwork and using their smart phones.

In addition, he will have the officials of the information technology now has the ability to grant users of Microsoft Teams access to the specific tools relevant to their work, moreover users can also install the business units most used or important than the unity of their software to the navigation bar.

خدمة مايكروسوفت "Teams" تحصل على ميزة الكاميرا الذكية ومشاركة الموقع

There is a new instrument carried the name “Praise”, which is scheduled to hit users in the coming weeks, where by it will be appreciated co-workers by sending badges include free transfers which will be visible to all members of the group.

Finally, Microsoft indicated it is currently working on the creation of programming interfaces new applications will integrate workforce management system for the company with Microsoft Teams, designed these interfaces to create chain management platform where employees and managers have easy access to such tasks as civilization and timing and scheduling of transportation and defense and others.

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