Microsoft’s revenue grow 14% in the first fiscal quarter of 2020

Microsoft’s revenue in the first fiscal quarter of 2020 which ends with the end of September witnessed a growth of 14% and 33.1$ million.

إيرادات مايكروسوفت تنمو 14% في الربع المالي الأول من 2020

Announced Microsoft announced its financial results for the first quarter of last year 2020, which ended in September, as financial year starts from June every year. I have experienced this period of growth led by 33.1$ million with operating profits of $ 12.7 billion, thanks to continued growth of the network LinkedIn, as well as the market of cloud services that they offer.

With the achievement of 33.1 million during the first quarter, the company thus achieved were able to achieve a growth of 14% compared with last year.

When it managed to raise its operating profit by 27% compared with last year thanks to the achieved profits operating $ 12.7$ million.

Speaking of net income achieved by the company, they managed to £ 10.7 million and an increase of 21% over last year.

Microsoft has achieved a revenue of approximately 11.1 million from the Department of services provided such as Office & LinkedIn, which has experienced no growth led by 25% over last year, also achieved 10.8 million from the Department of intelligent cloud services and an increase of 27%, in addition to achieve 11.1 billion of computing services like Windows, Xbox, search engines and devices provided by the, which has seen revenue decline Surface by about 4% from last year unlike the rest of the departments in the company.



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