Microsoft’s renewed web version of the service Skype, but its working on the browser just


Access to Skype through the web is not new. However, Microsoft is now launching an updated version of the service conversations on the web to be able to millions of computers use Skype without having to install the program. However, there is something important you must take it into account.

If you are using a browser other than Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, it seems that the web version of Skype will not work for you. This applies to pretty much all other browsers like Safari, Firefox and Opera. It was confirmed in a statement was submitted to the website VentureBeat, a statement where indicated to Microsoft that, given the features and techniques of communication used and how different browsers handle it, the company decided in the end Microsoft support Edge and Google Chrome only at the moment.

It is not clear whether Microsoft will eventually support other browsers, but if you use Skype, we suggest you either download the Skype app for the computer or use the browser’s Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Web version latest Skype provide new and improved features, such as video conversations, high-resolution images and calls and notifications and the ability to search within conversations, and also view photos and other MMORPG which allows users to access links, images and videos that they send or receive. If this is something you want to use them, go to the Skype website on the internet to get the details.


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