Microsoft’s patent for USB C magnetic for Surface

Microsoft has logged a patent for USB C magnetic targeting support Surface devices tablet charge more quickly and smoothly also supports the transfer of data perform the best.


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Patent for a new invention of the software giant Microsoft, in the USB system C is characterized by the remnants of the magnet to provide a smoother experience in the charging and transfer data from the devices Surface tablet.

Projections indicate that Microsoft will be to change Surface Connect the actor in Surface Pro 6, to use the USB-C in the production line of Surface Pro for Surface devices Go tablet.

It has been patented for Microsoft in WIPO during the month of May this year, also came the patent, entitled”Magnetically Activated Latch Mechanism”, where the system comes plug USB C magnets at the sides, and is scheduled to go a magnet in a separate tablet devices also.

It is expected that supports this alone fast connection between the USB cable C and the device, without the need to make a great effort to introduce leaders in the region, also supports this system the output of the template without causing any damage.

At the present time is still of course a patent Microsoft has not reach the stage of development, also can not emphasis now on the time in which such technical devices Surface Pro tablet.


I know of

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