Microsoft’s move away from Product Support Windows 7 and Office 2013

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Use Microsoft by the month of July to participate in the many community forums Microsoft, with the continuation of the discussion forums and TechNet oriented business without change, as the software giant to tell the client quietly that it would stop participating in support forums across the Internet to the Ad Hoc questions from consumers about the system operating Windows 7 and a range of other products.

Noted the AD, which was published by Microsoft over the weekend for many of the support forums affected, to change over the next month, where she explained, “in July 2018, will end our support forums community Microsoft listed, and Microsoft offers technical support out there, and there will be no audits to proactively monitor or answer questions”.

Include products covered by the Declaration Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 and Office 2010 and Office 2013 software program antivirus Essentials browser IE 10 and old hardware Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 and Surface RT and Surface 2, The Company confirmed in some of the messages that autism affects products with technical support for the product, despite the fact that the systems like Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and have years before you retire officially.

Consists of discussion forums, which fall under the umbrella of a site called “the community of Microsoft” the Microsoft Community and found through the link mainly of questions and answers were mixed, with the participation of the company’s staff for the subjects to provide explanations and answers and solutions to problems and queries posted by users on the support forums.

The process of tension on the suggestions and comments provided by members of the Microsoft Team, which serves as the official response from the company about the subject under discussion, to use other forms of support, including security updates, until the end of the agenda of the company regarding the products affected by the Declaration, which supports the life-cycle support, as well as to continue the agents of the company supervision on the forums to ensure the participation of participants within the environment safe and positive.

As pointed out by Susan Bradley Susan Bradley, which is famous in among the windows with her expertise in operations of Microsoft’s patch, the group TechNet forums discussion and support business will remain unchanged, with reference to the focus position focused on consumer, not business, where you see Susan that the decision may be to reallocate resources.

Others argue that there are different motives behind this change, as noted by Chris Guetta Chris Goettl, Director of product management protection in the company Ivanti, that the resolution is the last episode in a long series of moves taken by the company to make the old version of Windows and Office less attractive, and therefore urged customers to adopt Windows 10 and Office 365 and software latest other.

Added Chris to the decision to withdraw is considered a hint that Microsoft does not intend to give more support for Windows 7, which is scheduled to end its support extended officially by January 14, 2020.

And continues the mission in the belief that the police may bow to pressure to increase the timeout support for Windows 7 When the time comes to meet him in case there was a large number of customers who still use the operating system that dates back to 2009, so even though she did not yield to pressure four years ago to expand the timeout support for Windows XP.

Microsoft’s move away from Product Support Windows 7 and Office 2013

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