Microsoft’s Challenge 17 April to hold a conference on the Surface Hub 2

Microsoft officially announced the date for its next conference 17 April to reveal the Surface Hub 2S, to be held in New York.


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Can the software giant hold a special conference next month to reveal the Surface Hub 2S, to participate in Conference events company Steelcase, which review the features of the Surface in support of a lot of tasks, also expected to review Microsoft details its plans لSurface Hub 2S.

Has launched the first version of the Surface Hub 2 during the past year, Microsoft confirmed during this time on its plans to launch the 2S in the second quarter of 2019.

It is planned to support the screen Surface Hub 2 possible size of 50 inches and the Communication Unit the devices, cartridges removable switch allowing users to upgrade hardware in the future.

Microsoft also plans to bring the upgrade for your Surface Hub 2X through modular cartridge removable in 2020, to include new units, upgrade the software, support feature rotate the device.

Projections indicate that the software giant will see the complete office work on the Surface and accessories, with unique pieces of furniture. correspond with the vision of Microsoft’s future.


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