Microsoft’s assessment of the lawsuit against Foxconn fee patents

Set up the software giant Microsoft filed a lawsuit against the company, Foxconn, where face to recent charges by not paying fees to use the patents to a private company.

Microsoft sues Foxconn

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The latest of the lawsuits in the world of technical collecting all of the Microsoft وFoxconn, where the Microsoft company Foxconn known as one of the most important manufacturers of electronic gadgets including phones the iPhone from Apple.

Has Microsoft indicated in her statements that the company made this procedure a truism which contract which was concluded with Foxconn in 2013, as Microsoft confirmed on they began to try to reach a solution outside the courts, given the importance of the working relationship with Foxconn.

From another side confirmed Terry Gou, CEO of Foxconn, in statements during a press conference, a lawsuit from Microsoft will not affect the company Foxconn, so we expect developments in this lawsuit during the coming period.


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