Microsoft will update Windows 10 The Big end of the month, you know on the new

Windows 10’s new Timeline feature

 Windows 10’s new Timeline feature

The fifth major update for the operating system Windows 10 will be the end of the month which day next Monday which will be codenamed Windows 10 April 2018.

Update next big exhibit No. construction 17134 and this figure means that the company will adopt a new style in the label updates, which added the name of the month and which it is made.

This update is available free to users will be through the general running of the thirty additional free.

And even now Microsoft released four major updates to the Windows 10 system it is November Update, the Anniversary Update, Creators Update, and Fall Creators Update. As you notice the update of the fifth continent will be the style of the new registration.

For the highlights of the new features in this update timeline feature Timeline, which was expected to launch in the previous update. This feature allows the user to search in all the activities on the computer during the 30-day past. Include information that will appear files, applications and websites that work. And also you can figure out what he was doing on his smart phone, whether Android or iPhone. Everything is synchronized via Microsoft account and using a browser, edge, or Office 365.

Other water assistant focus Focus Assist which are called when you run to get rid of interference notifications from social networks, email and other. Can do it manually or specify a certain time during the day, and you can also put exceptions for some people, then stop doing it shows you a summary of everything you missed.

The browser Edge also got new features like icon sound mute off or mute sound from any tab. As well as there’s no interface to read e-books on full-screen, input automatic data e-payment, and printing options the easiest button to correct the rules while writing.

According to the latest statistics available before five months from now, there were 600 million active users of Windows 10, with this update expected to go back to sleep better and, of course, can now say that the figure spins about 700 million active users.


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