Microsoft will not remove the paint program from Windows

Microsoft was planning to remove the famous painter of Windows 10, but the company reversed now. Where was warning months ago about the removal of the program, and in keeping this warning in the last update in May 2019.

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The company has not disclosed the reason for removing warnings, but obviously it won’t remove the paint program from Windows 10 in the near future, where previously named the Microsoft software on it “was abandoned”, which means it will get updates and improvements, and was planning to remove it from the system, and made available to the museum as my choice for free.

In the past period, have been integrated most of the features of the paint program in the program Paint 3D is the most recent, as part of a process aimed at the transfer of users to use the program Paint 3D, while it is not clear now options the company with both programs.

Source: Brandon LeBlanc

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