Microsoft will launch Xbox One without a CD player in 2019

مايكروسوفت ستطلق Xbox One بدون مشغل اسطوانات في عام 2019

The E3 focus of attention of the lovers of Gaming who is passionate about all what is new in this area, especially for the products of each of the company Sony and its PlayStation and Microsoft with the Unity games to the Xbox, but the sword of knowledge is an important part of next year being the company Sony has announced its non-participation due to her looking for ways, most recently to share their products with their fans; and most likely they have their own plans for next year, but Microsoft took advantage of the opportunity to announce their participation in the many services and new additions on top as it seems new version of its Xbox free drive.

In Don’t give the unit games of this series the next generation of Xbox, which is expected to launch in 2020 or later, but speaking of 2019 there will be a Xbox One Free DVD player present according to the plan of Microsoft, which probably provokes the resentment of some of the interested device from the hand of their inability to use the discs that they own, or those who do not like the committee for subscription services the cloud gaming, but maybe the good news is that the unit price will be $ 100$ become 200$ depending on the expectations, So what you’re Microsoft, as previously announced reduction of the manufacturing cost of the device, which will be reflected of course on the consumer and the company also.

Will Xbox One new program that eliminates the possibility of the replacement of disks and cylinders the games from retail stores by number and you can download it, and to do so the problem will face many of the users in the case of buying, the most important point that maybe the company is seeking to test is to know the reaction of the crowd on the acquisition device without a CD and use that to make a final decision for the ratio of the next generation if they are considering launching with the support as a subscription service only.

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