Microsoft will launch the helmet augmented reality HoloLens 2 in the month of September compared to 3500$

HoloLens 2

Microsoft unveiled the second generation of the helmet augmented reality HoloLens at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019, which was held in late February. Having said that, reported news agency Reuters that the helmet augmented reality HoloLens 2 the latest from Microsoft Corporation has become ready to make their way to store shelves in September, priced at $ 3500.

This allows you to buy a helmet HoloLens 2 itself. Cost version developers $ 99 per month and will come with extra things like a coupon, Microsoft Azure, $ 500, and the convergence to Unity Pro for three months, and add PiXYZ that help you to see the computer models of three-dimensional augmented reality. Obviously the helmet HoloLens 2 are still addressed to the companies.

For a change, he said Microsoft earlier this year that the helmet HoloLens 2 New aims to change ” the way in which the work is completed “. It states that the new helmet will be comfortable and immersive more compared to the previous generation. I have HoloLens 2 twice the field of view which provides 47 pixels per degree of vision. Microsoft says that this is like moving from a HD to a Quad HD per eye.

Helmet HoloLens 2 new can track the retina of the user to know where to look exactly. You’ll also get support feature Authentication Windows Hello. According to Microsoft, it stated that helmet HoloLens 2 also includes a new sensor see information depth, which can track the hands of the user without the need to hand control.

The company of Microsoft making the helmet HoloLens 2 new more comfortable through the use of carbon fiber material, as also introduced amendments to the heat management system to keep the helmet cool as much as possible. A ring to connect the helmet with the head tightly, as was the re-design introduction of the helmet so that users can now offset the introduction of the helmet without having to remove the helmet as a whole.

Although you won’t have one yourself, you may see the HoloLens 2 in presentations of companies that rely heavily on computer models of three-dimensional design of its products. At the present time at least, augmented reality experiences, the only consumer-friendly are the ones that you get on your phone.


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